Donation Refund Policy

Voluntary Nature of Donations:
Donations made to Follow-up Stories are voluntary contributions to support our journalistic efforts.
Donors acknowledge that they are not entitled to receive goods or services in return for their donations.

Refund Requests:
Follow-up Stories does not typically offer refunds for donations.
Refund requests may be considered in exceptional circumstances, such as accidental duplicate transactions or unauthorized use of the payment method.

Contact Information:
Donors seeking a refund should contact our support team at within 15 days of the donation.

Refund Process:
Refund requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
Refunds, if approved, will be processed using the original payment method.

Denied Refund:
Follow-up Stories reserves the right to deny refund requests in situations where the donation was made willingly and in accordance with our terms.

No Return of Donations:
As donations are voluntary contributions without an expectation of a tangible return, Follow-up Stories does not accept returns for donations.

Communication of Use:
Follow-up Stories is committed to transparently communicating the use of donations to supporters. Regular updates on how donations are utilized to enhance and maintain our news services will be provided.

Contact Information:
If donors have questions about the use of their donations, they can contact our support team at

Information Updates:
Any changes to the donation refund and return policy will be communicated to donors through our website and other relevant channels.
It’s crucial to make these policies easily accessible on your website, preferably in the donation section or a dedicated terms and conditions page. Additionally, ensure that your support team is aware of and trained on these policies to handle any inquiries or requests appropriately.