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What to write for Us?

Follow-up Stories publishes stories that matter, that are still relevant,not time-sensitive, based on an old or contemporary event. Stories that, by virtue of their ideas and craft, are capable of creating a fuss in the crowd and set an agenda for the mainstream media to revisit those issues that it had left in hurry. Accordingly, the stories could relate to Polity, Money, Society, Culture, Environment or Ideas.
Who can Write for Us?

We seek writers who can report deep gripping tales on public interest issues with an telling a story that he thinks worth telling may pitch it to the Editors.
What we do not prefer
Press releases, journal articles, dissertations, think tank reports, or white papers.
Non-stories / plain opinion pieces.
Writings for the sake of writing
Advertisements, or anything paid by anywhere.
Stagnant stories without contradictions, momentum or investigation.
Conventional movie or book reviews; celebrity interviews (exceptions vary).
Data based / fact collection sort of reports.
Book excerpts, except exclusive and unprinted.

How to start?

Write a synopsis of your story in not more than 250 words and mail it to with your personal bio. Our Editors will follow and respond after reviewing it.